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General Rules For Admission

  • No. of student other than from U.P. Board is limited to 30% of the total seats.
  • Students from out side Uttar Pradesh would not exceed 10% of the total seats.
  • The advantage of reservation is available only for natives of Uttar Pradesh. Candidates from other States belonging to reserved category are treated in General Category.
  • At the time of seeking admission to a course an Affidavit has to be submitted if there is a break in studies from the current year to the previous year. The maximum period allowed for such break can be two years only and 5% marks per year are deducted for such breaks.
  • While seeking admission the students have to apply separately to each faculty if so desired. In no case the forms will be transferred from one faculty to other faculty.
  • Inter-faculty transfers are not allowed. Once admitted in a faculty, the admission is final.
  • No admissions are made in excess of no. of seats available in a course or in contravention of the rules. The Principal shall have the final powers to cancel any such admission if found at any stage of the course.
  • No person who is a history-sheeter according to the police records or has been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude shall be given admission in the college, and if already admitted, his/her admission shall be cancelled immediately after the such facts are become known to the college.
  • A candidate who already has any of the post-graduate degrees shall not be given admission to the post- graduate degree course, unless facilities to appear as a private candidate for the post graduate degree exist.
  • No fresh admission to the II and III year of Graduate level course and II year of Post Graduate level course in any subject is entertained unless permitted by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • A student who does not complete his/her attendance in particular courses(s) shall not be given admission as a regular student in that year. He/she should appear in the examination for that course(s) as an ex-student.